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Gourd Seeds - Apple Gourd
(Lagenaria siceraria) 110 days to maturity. These 6 inch gourds look like giant green apples and are super decorative! When dried, they can be hollowed and carved. Apple Gourds are inedible...
Gourd Seeds - Birdhouse Gourd
(Lagenaria siceraria) 120 days to maturity.These gourds are famous for making birdhouses! Once dried, the Birdhouse gourds can be painted, carved or cut - turning them into anything your mind can imagine. To...
Gourd Seeds - Bitter Melon, Futo Spindle
(Momordica charantia) 60-70 days to maturity. Heirloom - Japan. Futo Spindle Bitter Melon Gourds are loaded with vitamins and minerals and are sought after for their health benefits. Growing up...
Gourd Seeds - Bitter Melon, Green Skin
(Momordica charantia) Annual. 70 days to maturity. Bitter Melon is a tropical vine with origins in Africa and Asia. This is an excellent, open pollinated, Asian Bitter Melon that produces fruit up to...
Gourd Seeds - Bitter Melon, Japanese Long
(Momordica charantia) 60-70 days to maturityJapanese Long Bitter Melon Gourd is best harvested when still green, young and tender. These plants can get very long, up to 12 feet, so...
Gourd Seeds - Luffa Gourd
(Luffa aegyptiaca) 150 days to maturity. If you're into growing your own food, why not branch out this year and grow your own bath sponge!  Luffa sponges are a great, zero-waste...
Gourd Seeds - Speckled Swan Gourd
(Lagenaria siceraria) 120 days to maturity.Speckled Swan Gourds are as elegant as a gourd can be, with a round base and a narrow neck that resembles a swan. They have...
Jack Be Little Pumpkin Seeds
95 days. (C. Pepo) Jack Be Little Pumpkins have become popular around Thanksgiving and Halloween. Their tiny size and bright colour make for perfect fall decorating. The fruits are edible...
Shenot Crown of Thorns Gourd Seeds
(Cucurbita pepo var. ovifera) 95 days to maturity.  Shenot Crown of Thorns Gourds are fun for the whole family! Their round multi-coloured fruit have ten fingers pointing toward the blossom end...