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Amaranth Seeds - Emerald Tassels
(Amaranthus caudatus) Annual.  Emerald Tassels offers a spectacular show of green flower/seed heads for your kitchen and floral arrangements. The seeds can be ground into flour or popped like popcorn...
Amaranth Seeds - Red Callaloo
(Amaranthus tricolor) Annual. 50 days to maturity.  Heirloom Amaranth. Callaloo Amaranth has been a staple food in Western Africa for thousands of years. Callaloo, like so many food plants, has a...
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Amaranth Seeds - Hopi Red Dye
(Amaranthus cruentus) Annual. 110 days to maturity. Hopi Red Dye Amaranth is a fabulous multi-purpose plant. Beautiful as a bouquet filler, it’s flowers are the reddest of all amaranth. It’s...