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Spinach Seeds - Bloomsdale
45 days to maturity. Heirloom Spinach Seeds. One of the all time most popular varieties, Bloomsdale Heirloom Spinach has delicious dark green savoyed leaves which are sweet and succulent. This heritage spinach is...
Spinach Seeds - New Zealand
65 days. New Zealand Spinach is perfect for the summer season when other spinach won't grow, and provides huge amounts of leaves for salads. It needs heat to germinate and so should...
Spinach Seeds - Red Malabar
(Basella rubra) Malabar Spinach is a unique vigorous vine that produces delicious, edible leaves; they are a lot like spinach! Not a true spinach, Malabar Spinach thrives in the heat of...
Spinach Seeds - Strawberry
(Chenopodium capitatum) Self-seeding Annual, to zone 5.  This is a fun one: Dinner and dessert all in one place! The leaves of Stawberry Spinach are triangular, toothy and are best enjoyed...
Spinach Seeds - Winter Bloomsdale
47 days. Ideal for early spring and fall planting. Tolerates cold temperature better and offers the best re-growth after dormancy in winter hoop houses and cold frames.
Spinach Seeds - Winter Giant
45 days. Winter Giant is very cold hardy and perfect for Spring or Fall planting. Enjoy baby leaves or mature giant leaves! Winter Giant Spinach lasts the longest into the...
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Spinach Seeds - Magenta Spreen Tree Spinach
(Chenopodium giganteum) 60 days. Annual. Tree Spinach is a mild flavoured green that grows to 9 feet! Not a true spinach, Tree Spinach is actually a cousin to Lambs Quarters...