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Armenian Cucumber Seeds
(Cucumis melo) 65 days to maturity.Armenian Cucumbers are a very, very old heirloom variety. Technically a melon, but eaten and grown as you would a cucumber. Their skin is light...
Boston Pickling Cucumber Seeds
(Cucumis sativus) 60 days to maturity. Heirloom Cucumber Seeds - 1880. Boston Pickling Cucumbers are an early maturing, long season variety. Once they start, they’ll continue producing 2-4 inch long...
Cucamelon Seeds - Mexican Sour Gerkhin
(Melothria scabra) 67 days to maturity.Mexican Sour Gerkhin Cucamelons are simply the cutest vegetable you will grow this year! They are great for garden snacking, but be sure to save some...
Japanese Climbing Cucumber Seeds
60 days. Late 1800s. Our favourite! If you're a space efficiency nerd (as some of us are), or if you just have a tiny garden, you will love this cucumber! ...
Lemon Cucumber Seeds
(Cucumis sativus) 65 days to maturity. Lemon Cucumbers are an old Heirloom variety, dating back to the late 1800s. These little round cucumbers are sure to delight anyone who tries...
Marketmore Cucumber Seeds
65 days to maturity.Crisp, dark green and tasty, Marketmore Cucumbers produce an abundance of eight inch fruit. The highly disease resistant plants transplant well and grow well in the summer heat. You...
Muncher Cucumber Seeds
(Cucumis sativus) 60-70 days to maturity.Muncher Cucumbers are a crowd favorite! They can be harvested young for pickling or left to mature for fresh eating, up to 9 inches long...
National Pickling Cucumber Seeds
52 days - Heirloom Cucumber Seeds – 1924. An heirloom cucumber that takes care of all your needs. National Pickling Heirloom Cucumbers produce bushels of short, thick cukes that are perfect for...
Spacemaster Cucumber Seeds
60 days - Spacemaster cucumber plants are small in size and produce heavily. The fruit reach eight inches long, are sweet and not bitter. The plants are resistant to cucumber...
Straight Eight Cucumber Seeds
60 days - Heirloom Cucumber Seeds – 1935. This is a very popular home garden heirloom cucumber. Straight Eight Heirloom Cucumbers get their name from their continuous harvest of smooth, straight, eight...
Striped Armenian Cucumber Seeds
(Cucumis melo) 65 days to maturity. Striped Armenian Cucumbers are an old and unique heirloom variety. Their skin has long vertical stripes alternating between dark and light green, with both...
Suyo Long Cucumber Seeds
61 days - Suyo Long Cucumbers are a long, and sweet flavoured cucumber from Asia. They are of excellent eating quality with no bitterness. The plants grow well in a wide range of...
Tendergreen Burpless Cucumber Seeds
60 days - Tendergreen Burpless Cucumbers are smooth, sweet and acid free. The tender blocky fruit are at their prime when smaller than eight inches long. Tendergreen is ideal for fresh eating...
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Poona Kheera Cucumber Seeds
(Cucumis sativus) 55 days. This Indian cucumber is so unique and beautiful! Its disease and drought resistant vines produce small cucumbers that start out white, then ripen to a light...