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Pea Seeds - Amish Snap
(Pisum sativum) 65 days. Amish Heirloom Pea. The Amish Snap Pea is a great producer! Delicate, yet crisp, these 2 inch peas will just keep coming and coming, so long...
Pea Seeds - Blauwschokker
(Pisum sativum) 80 days. Heirloom pea. Dutch, middle ages. Blauwschokker (literally "blue shocker") is an old multi-use pea grown in The Netherlands for centuries.  Beautiful indigo pods are excellent at...
Pea Seeds - Blizzard Snow
(Pisum sativum) 65 days to maturity.Blizzard Snow Peas are a cool loving crop, best picked when 3 inches long and still young and tender. A very flavourful and crisp variety...
Pea Seeds - Early Alaska Shelling
56 days. Heirloom Pea Seeds. The Early Alaska Heirloom Pea is an excellent variety for early in the season. It is early maturing and designed to withstand the cold temperatures...
Pea Seeds - Golden Sweet Pod Snow
65 days. Pleasing to the eyes and the palate, the Golden Sweet Pod heirloom snow pea is a must have! Pretty yellow pods hang from dark green vines and are...
Pea Seeds - Green Arrow Shelling
70 days. Heirloom Pea Seeds. Green Arrow Heirloom Peas are an outstanding variety from England. Its long green pods are each filled with about ten superbly tasting peas. Vines grow to 28 inches...
Pea Seeds - Green Beauty Snow
60 days. Massive seven to eight foot plants that produce the most spectacular and flavourful pods. Pods are five inches long and born from beautiful purple flowers. Each seed packet...
Pea Seeds - Mammoth Melting Snow
70 days. Heirloom Snow Pea Seeds – 1896. Mammoth Melting Heirloom Snow Peas grow six feet tall. The huge five inch pods are high in vitamins and are one of the largest...
Pea Seeds - Oregon Giant Snow
(Pisum sativum) 65 days to maturity. Oregon Giant Snow Peas are truly giant, producing pods up to 5 inches long! Their pods are sweetest and most tender when picked young,...
Pea Seeds - Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow
60 days. Oregon Sugar Pod II Peas produce top quality snow peas which are excellent for both steaming and freezing. Pods are 4 inches long, flat and very tender. The strong healthy...
Pea Seeds - Sugar Snap
68 days. Sugar Snap Peas are perhaps the premier snap pea. Tall 5-7 foot plants produce delectable pods. For the best flavour and sweetness allow the pods to fill out...
Pea Seeds - Sweet Gem Snap
(Pisum sativum) 65 days to maturity.Sweet Gem Snap Peas are a true garden staple. Plants can grow 4 feets tall, are semi-vining and benefit from a trellis for support. Their...