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Kale Collection!
Grow all our most popular Kale varieties; these are selected for successful growing across Canada!Our Kale Collection contains one packet each of: Dinosaur/Lacinato, Red Russian, Dazzling Blue, Scarlet & Rainbow Lacinato kale.
Kale Seeds - Dazzling Blue Lacinato
50 days. Dazzling Blue is a wonderful lacinato kale that is cold hardy! Hooray! Bred in by Hank Keogh in Oregon, this lacinato lasts late into the Fall and can...
Kale Seeds - Lacinato / Dinosaur / Black Tuscan
65 days - Heirloom Kale Seeds –1700's. Dinosaur Heirloom Kale, which also goes by the name Black Tuscan Heirloom Kale and Lacinato Heirloom Kale, is a stunning plant with a wonderful prehistoric...
Kale Seeds - Rainbow Lacinato
(Brassica oleracea) 61 days. Rainbow Lacinato Kale is a wonderful, stabilized cross, of the much loved Lacinato Kale with super cold-hardy and gorgeous Redbor Kale. The result is a beautiful,...
Kale Seeds - Red Russian
50 days to maturity. Heirloom Kale Seeds – 1800s. Red Russian Heirloom Kale was brought to Canada in the 1800’s by Russian traders and is one of the most beautiful heirloom...
Kale Seeds - Scarlet
50 days. Scarlet Kale is a beautiful plant! Architectural in the flower garden and lovely on the plate! Firm and frilly leaves vary from greenish-red to deep violet and are...
Kale Seeds - Vates Blue Curled
50-80 days - Heirloom Kale Seeds. This Scottish type of heirloom kale is a dwarf variety which grows low, reaching 14 inches tall and up to 24 inches wide. Vates Blue Curled...
Kale Seeds - White Russian
55 days. White Russian Kale is a Siberian type of Kale that is very cold tolerant  Its leaves are only slightly frilled. Tolerates both heat and cold extremely well. Excellent...
Microgreen Seeds - Kale Curly
From $10.99
14 days to harvest - 50g or 125g packets. Kale microgreen leaves and stems are bright green, curly and ruffled. Mild flavour. 50 gram packet contains approximately 12000 seeds. Learn more...
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Kale Seeds - Sea
(Crambe maritima) Perennial, zones 5-9. This is truly an amazing plant! Sea Kale is native to the European seaside, from The Black Sea and Mediterranean, all the way up into the...