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Borrettana Cipollini Onion Seeds
105 days. The Borrettana Cipollini Onion features wide, flattened white bulbs three to four inches wide. Sweet, mild and flavourful. Well adapted for northern gardeners. Each seed packet contains approximately...
Evergreen Hardy White Onion Seeds
65 days. Perennial Green Onions. These Evergreen Hardy White Onion plants will overwinter even in cold winter areas and come up again each spring. Make sure to divide them every summer for...
New York Early Onion Seeds
98 days. The New York Early Onion is early maturing and long lasting white bulbs, from fall into spring. The perfect choice for a Canadian winter storage onion. Each seed...
Onion Seeds - Red Lillia Bunching
(Allium fistulosum) Annual. 70 days to maturity.  Red Lillia is a beautiful reddish purple bunching onion that grows quickly and quite large! The striking dark color extends 2 inches up from the base, and multiple...
Rossa di Milano Onion Seeds
100 days. Rossa di Milano is a fantastic and delicious Italian red storage onion. Excellent flavour with some sweetness and can be stored through the winter for 6 months. Each...
Tokyo Long White Green Onion Seeds
(Allium fistulosum) Tokyo Long White Bunching Onion is a Japanese heirloom. It produces small white bulbs and tasty greens reaching 12 to 18 inches tall.   Approximately 100 seeds.  
Wethersfield Red Storage Onion Seeds
110 days. Heirloom 1834. A historical home gardeners favourite, Red Wethersfield Onions was once used as currency in the town of Wethersfield Connecticut. The medium to large sized red onions grow...