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Pepper Seeds - Aconcagua Giant Sweet
(Capsicum annuum) 80 days to maturity. Argentina. Aconcagua Giant Sweet Peppers are our largest pepper variety. These beauties are rightfully named after Mt. Aconcagua in the Andes, the tallest mountain in...
Pepper Seeds - Alma Paprika
80 days to maturity. Heirloom. Alma Paprika Heirloom Peppers come to us from Hungary. These are very thick walled paprika peppers. Ripening from yellow to red, the sweet fruit are...
Pepper Seeds - Apple Sweet
57 days (green) 77 days (red). The Apple Sweet pepper is renowned the world over as being one of the most flavourful sweet peppers, almost fruity! These highly productive, disease resistant...
Pepper Seeds - California Wonder Sweet
70 days. A great ol' faithful in the world of heirloom peppers! California Wonder first appeared in the 1920s and produces large green, then red, bell peppers. This is a...
Pepper Seeds - Chocolate Beauty Sweet
75 days. Chocolate Beauty Sweet Peppers! Wonderful peppers turn from green to sweet chocolate brown. Bountiful harvests. Let fully ripen for richest flavours.
Pepper Seeds - Corno Di Toro
(Capsicum annuum) 80 days, Italy. The Corno Di Toro Sweet Pepper is a stunning addition to any garden. The large peppers have a horn-like shape and bright red colour when ripe....
Pepper Seeds - Emerald Giant
(Capsicum annuum) 80 days to maturity. Emerald Giant Peppers are an excellent high yielding variety! Plants can reach 3 feet tall, loaded with classically shaped 4 lobe bell peppers. Their...
Pepper Seeds - Fushimi
(Capsicum annuum) 70 days to maturity.Fushimi Peppers are a classic Japanese variety, they may look hot, but are in fact quite mild. These slender peppers grow up to 6 inches...
Pepper Seeds - Golden Calwonder
78 days. Golden Calwonder is a great sweet pepper for Northern climates. These compact plants bare heavily and early. Peppers are ripe and sweetest when green has brightened to a...
Pepper Seeds - Jimmy Nardello Italian
Sweet Pepper. 90 days. Do not be fooled; this zesty-looking pepper is actually a rich flavoured sweet pepper! These plants are HEAVY producers and peppers are delicious for fresh eating....
Pepper Seeds - King of the North
75 days. Reputed to be one of the best peppers for northern regions, we’ve found King of the North does best in a hot sheltered location or in a greenhouse...
Pepper Seeds - Lilac Bell Sweet
 (Capsicum annuum) 70 days to maturity. Here at Incredible Seeds, we love purple vegetables, and Lilac Bell Sweet Peppers are no exception! These classically shaped, multi-lobe peppers start off ivory, turning...
Pepper Seeds - Pepperoncini
70 days to maturity. Italian Heirloom. Don't be fooled, this is NOT a hot pepper! Pepperoncini is a unique, narrow and elongated sweet pepper that is great fresh, but perfect for...
Pepper Seeds - Purple Beauty Sweet Bell
75 days. An amazing purple bell pepper that is very popular at farm markets. Purple Beauty Bell Peppers have large, sweet fruit that start out green and change to purple and finally red....
Pepper Seeds - Red Marconi Sweet Italian
80 days. Red Marconi is one of our favourite red peppers. Sweeter than most bell peppers and full of flavour, it is great for frying, salads and making paprika. Peppers...
Pepper Seeds - Shishito
65 days. Shishito peppers. Have a look at this great addition to your pepper garden! These compact bushy plants yield impressive, continual harvests of lime green mild peppers, which are traditionally used...
Pepper Seeds - Sweet Chocolate
58 days (green) 78 days (brown). Perfect for Canadian gardens the Sweet Chocolate Pepper is a very early maturing sweet pepper and handles cool nights well. The chocolate brown skin contrasts well...
Pepper Seeds - Tolli's Sweet Italian
(Capsicum annuum) 75-85 days. This is a fabulous multipurpose pepper! Plants are very productive and yield plenty of 5 inch long fruit. These peppers are at their sweetest when red....
Pepper Seeds - Yolo Wonder Bell
72 days. Yolo Wonder pepper plants produce excellent big green and red fruit with a glossy skin. The plants have excellent foliage cover to prevent scalding and the plants are...
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Pepper Seeds - Sweet Banana
65 days. An ideal pepper for our short seasons, the Sweet Banana Pepper has long tapered fruit that turn from green to yellow to red. The peppers have a mild flavour and...