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Basil Seeds - Italian Large Leaf
90 days to maturity. Heirloom Basil Seeds. Italian Large Leaf basil is very similar to Genovese. It has a more delicate leaf and is the preferred variety for tomato sauces. This is...
Basil Seeds – Genovese
(Ocimum basilicum) 90 days to maturity. Heirloom Basil Seeds. Genovese is an Italian basil for authentic Italian cuisine. It is flavourful and productive. Excellent for pesto.**Also available in Your Herb Garden & Your DELUXE...
Basil Seeds - Tulsi or Holy Basil
(Ocimum Tenuiflorum) This fantastic herb is used for a beautiful, fragrant, healthful tea. Historically it has been used for stress reduction, improved ingestion and support of the immune system. Tulsi...
Basil Seeds - Thai
(Ocimum basilicum) Annual. 65 days. Sweet Thai Basil is a beautiful plant—it has dark green leaves, deep purple stems and tiny mauve flowers. Its flavour leans towards anise. Flowers are also...
Basil Seeds - Dark Purple Opal
(Ocimum basilicum) 60 days to maturity. A fantastic purple leafed basil. Medium sized leaves are glossy with a nice sheen. Great aroma and tasty for cooking. Plants reach 1 to 2...
Basil Seeds - Tuscany
(Ocimum basilicum) 75 days. This unique and flavourful basil is comes from the heartland of Italian cookery. Tuscany is know the world over as a place of exquisite, yet simple...
Basil Seeds - Mrs. Burns' Lemon
(Ocimum basilicum var. citriodora) 60 days. Heirloom Basil 1920s. Mrs. Burns' Lemon Basil is the most flavourful lemon basil we've come across. Very potent, with larger leaves than other scented...
Basil Seeds - Mammoth Leaf
(Ocimum basilicum) Annual. 80 days. Mammoth Leaf Basil has the largest leaves of any open pollinated basil variety. In some cases, as big as your hand! (Depending the TLC you...
Basil Seeds - Spicy Bush
70 days. Spicy Bush Basil is a very attractive plant that grows well in containers as well as the garden. The plants are small and dome shaped with nice spicy one inch...
Basil Seeds – Cinnamon
(Ocimum basilicum) Annual. 85 days to maturity. Heirloom Basil Seeds. Cinnamon basil is a mildly flavoured sweet basil. It has deep purple stems, purple-green leaves and pink flowers. Plants grow to...
Basil Seeds - Siam Queen
(Ocimum sp. 'Siam Queen') Annual. 65 days to maturity.Siam Queen Basil is a heat loving Heirloom originating from South East Asia. As per its name, this Queen variety is Grande,...
Basil Seeds - Fino Verde
(Ocimum basilicum) Annual. 63 days to maturity.Fino Verde Basil is a lovely compact basil. Both its leaves and mature height are smaller than most other basil varieties, but its flavour...
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Basil Seeds - Lime
(Ocimum americanum) Annual. 60 days. Lime Basil is a unique variety that will add a tasty citrus kick to your cooking—try growing it this Summer! Plants are compact with light green foliage.This...