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De Milpa Tomatillo Seeds
(Physalis philadelphica) 70 days. A wonderful medium-sized Mexican tomatillo. Showy fruit are green and develop a dark purple blush as they ripen. Tomatillo de Milpa stores very well after being picked,...
Purple Tomatillo Seeds
70 days. Heirloom Tomatillo Seeds. Indeterminate. With this rare variety of tomatillo "salsa verde" becomes "salsa violeta"! The fruit start out green and turn to purple at harvest and beyond. These tomatillos...
Toma Verde Tomatillo Seeds
(Physallis philadelphica) 70 days to maturity. Heirloom Tomatillo Seeds. Indeterminate. Toma Verde Tomatillos are harvested once their green fruit has grown inside of its outer parchment pouch. The fruit inside have an...