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Swiss Chard Seeds - Bright Lights Rainbow
(Beta vulgaris) 56 days to maturity.A rainbow mix of colourful chards is a lovey sight! Beautiful in the garden, you’ll get all of your favourite colours in one package. Plant in rows or...
Swiss Chard Seeds - Fordhook
60 days. Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard has dark green leaves with succulent light green stalks. The stalks are juicy and tender while the leaves can be used for cooking, salads or as...
Swiss Chard Seeds - Magenta Sunset
27 days (baby) 55 days (bunching). Heirloom Swiss Chard Seeds. Blazing pink purple stalks with dark green leaves make this wonderful chard truly standout. Magenta Heirloom Swiss Chard is excellent for baby greens as...
Swiss Chard Seeds - Orange
(Beta vulgaris var. cicla) 65 days. Add even MORE colour to your garden with orange Swiss chard! We really love Swiss chard; it's frost & heat resistant and holds up well...
Swiss Chard Seeds - Ruby Red Rhubarb
32 days (baby), 57 days (bunching). The bright red stalks of Ruby Red Swiss Chard make for a standout addition to mixes and salads. Excellent eating qualities and productive. Plant after the...