Snap Pea Seeds - Sugar Snap

68 days. Sugar Snap Peas are perhaps the premier snap pea. Tall 5-7 foot plants produce delectable pods. For the best flavour and sweetness allow the pods to fill out completely.


Timing: Prefers cool temperatures and will withstand light frost. Can be planted outside as soon as ground unfrozen.

Seeding: Sow one seed per inch in double rows 3-6 inches apart with 24 inches before the next double row. Plant seed 1 inch deep. Seeds planted in cold, wet soil may not germinate well without inoculant.

Growing: Peas are light feeders. They need well drained soil and will do better if they have something to grow on.

Harvesting: Pick shelling peas once pods have filled out and are bright green.


  • $2.99

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