Shenot Crown of Thorns Gourd Seeds

(Cucurbita pepo var. ovifera) 95 days to maturity. 

Shenot Crown of Thorns Gourds are fun for the whole family! Their round multi-coloured fruit have ten fingers pointing toward the blossom end and look like a crown of thorns. Their colouring can range from orange, green, yellow to white and can have vertical stripes or not. Shenot Crown of Thorns Gourds are delightful for crafts and autumn decorating. 

Available direct from Incredible Seeds, a Canadian Heirloom and Heritage Seed Company, offering only the best natural, non-GMO, open pollinated and untreated seeds, located in Mi'kma'ki / Nova Scotia. 

Shenot Crown of Thorns Gourd Seeds mature in about 95 days and are an open pollinated gourd variety.

  • $2.99

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