Wisteria Seeds, Japanese

 (Wisteria floribunda) Zones 4 - 9. Flowering, deciduous vine.

A healthy & well established Wisteria vine is a coveted feature of many a garden. Mature Japanese wisteria vines positively drip with long bunches of sweetpea-like flower. These flowers are total bee magnets! The fragrance of Japanese Wisteria is absolutely divine. Its aroma, combined with spectacular beauty and humming bees, evokes an urge to pause and simply be.

The clusters of Japanese Wisteria are considerably longer than Chinese Wisteria, averaging around 20 inches in length. Another interesting difference is that the searching tendrils of Japanese Wisteria spiral counter clockwise, while those of Chinese Wisteria (Wisteria sinensis) grow clockwise! 

This beautiful, quick growing vine is surprisingly easy to grow from seed! Because they are a fast growing, winding vine, Wisteria need something sturdy to grow on. Wisteria cannot be grown on a tree, as it will strangle the tree. Arbour and pergolas work best, combined with training and pruning. 

** Germination: 70 - 90% ** Soak seeds in water for 24hrs before planting.

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