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Tree Seed Support PDFs

Revised September 2023


In order for germination to occur, Tree Seeds require something called stratification

Stratification stimulates a seed’s germination process & encourages it to sprout at the right time of year. In nature, these processes happen naturally with the turning of the seasons. 

These cycles can be replicated indoors too; allowing you to get your Tree Seeds going at any point in the year!

We’ve created two tools to help you with starting your tree seeds. 


Tree Seed Requirements Chart

Our Tree Seed Requirements Chart includes all of our varieties, along with information on all of their specific needs - hardiness zone, scarification, soaking, warm or cold stratification, etc.

Print it off or download it as a paperless reference. 

Tree Seed Germination Guide

Download PDF - Tree Seed Requirements Chart


Stratification Tracking Sheet

Use this handy chart to track the stratification process for all the seeds you've chosen to grow! (Set reminders in your phone & on your calendar too. 😘) 

 Tree Seed Germination Tracker

Download PDF - Stratification Tracking Sheet

Alongside the following articles, these two charts will support you in your journey towards an abundant garden of food & beauty. 


  • Planting Stratified Tree Seeds In Spring



May the seeds feed you well!

Hilary & Christopher