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Revised September 2020

How to Grow tree seeds

Caring for tree seeds can seem intimidating at first; multiple steps, tracking schedules, cold storage, seed treatments. . . it sounds really time intensive. 

The truth is, most of the stratification and soaking time is hands-off. Much of it is just letting Nature take its course. There are a few steps you need to do at specific times, but they don't take much time or any special tools or equipment.

The key is to perform the right steps in the right way at the right time.

Which means, you need a simple way to track all of your seed varieties through their steps and stratification periods. 

So, we've created a Tree & Shrub Seed Chart that includes all our varieties, along with information on all of their requirements - hardiness zone, scarification, soaking, warm or cold stratification, etc.

You can reference this handy chart while filling out your own Printable Stratification Chart, where you can track the stratification process for the seeds you've chosen to grow.

If you're stratifying tree seeds on top of your fridge (warm strat.) or inside of your fridge (cold strat.), it makes sense to print this off and stick it on your fridge for easy reference. Or stash in a desktop computer file as a paperless reference. 

Alongside the following resources, these two charts will support you in your journey towards an abundant garden of food & beauty. 

In our video tutorial How to Start your Tree Seeds  we walk you through the steps of scarification, soaking, and stratification. 

Our Guide to Fall Tree Seeds Part 1 covers how to plant or store tree seeds; Part 2 covers caring for first year saplings. 

The reward of growing trees from seed is just so great - with some patience, you can grow an entire orchard from seed, for a fraction of the cost of buying nursery trees. 

You got this!

Shop from our collection of tree & shrub seeds. 


May the seeds feed you well!

Hilary & Christopher


Printable Tree Seed Guide Chart


Download PDF Printable Fill-In Stratification Chart here.

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