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Strawflower Seeds - Silvery Rose
(Bracteantha bracteata) Annual. 75-85 days to maturity.Silvery Rose Strawflowers are the romantics of our strawflower patch, with papery blooms that are soft and creamy, with hints of blush, rose and pink....
Strawflower Seeds - Sultane Mix
(Helichrysum bracteatum) Annual. 85 days to maturity. The Sultane strawflower mix boasts a stunning blend of the long lasting, papery flowers. You’ll be delighted by coral, white, silvery rose, yellow,...
Strawflower Seeds - Tall Monstrosum Blend
(Bracteantha bracteata) Annual. 75-85 days.  Strawflowers are the Queens of dried flowers and our Monstrosum Tall Mix offers a lovely blend of vibrant gold, magenta, pink, blush and orange. Its blooms...
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Strawflower Seeds - Apricot Peach
(Bracteantha bracteata) Annual. 75-85 days.Apricot Peach Strawflowers have everlasting blooms that range in warm shades of Peachy Apricot goodness! Their papery blooms are one of the last to tough out the...