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Kohlrabi Seeds - Early Purple Vienna
(Brassica oleracea var. gongylodes) 55 days - Heirloom Kohlrabi Seeds – 1885. Early Purple Vienna Heirloom Kohlrabi is an excellent purple variety that produces tender round bulbs. It is best to harvest the bulbs when...
Kohlrabi Seeds - Early White Vienna
55 days - Heirloom Kohlrabi Seeds.  A European vegetable reaching more people each year. Kohlrabi is like a turnip that grows above ground. Its crisp white flesh can be eaten raw...
Kohlrabi Seeds - Gigante
130 days. The Gigante Kohlrabi often reach ten inches wide and over ten pounds in weight, all while not getting woody and remaining tender throughout. The leaves turn sweet after...