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Melon Seeds - Delice de la Table
(Cucumis melo) 88 days. Heirloom Melon, France. Delice de la Table is a beautifully unique, cantaloupe-like melon. The orange flesh is very sweet and juicy and the rind is smooth...
Melon Seeds - Emerald Gem
80 days. Cucumis melo. A green skinned cantaloupe with orange flesh. Originally introduced by Burpees in 1886, Emerald Gem melons are juicy, sweet and a little spicy. 
Melon Seeds - French Charentais
75 days - Heirloom Melon Seeds. The French Charentais Heirloom Melon is one of our absolute favourites. Extremely sweet, flavourful, juicy and aromatic. This French variety is a must try. Each seed...
Melon Seeds - Green Nutmeg
80 days. From the 1800’s Green Nutmeg melons are reminiscent of both a cantaloupe and a honey dew. The skins are netted on the outside with green flesh that is...
Melon Seeds - Noir des Carmes
80 days Noir des Carmes is a fine melon from France dating back from the 1700’s. Its dark ribbed exterior contrasts with its fine orange flesh when opened. The fruit...
Melon Seeds - Sweet Granite
70 days. Sweet Granite Cantaloupes were specially developed for northern climates and it is one of the earliest maturing eastern type melons. The melons are sweet with orange flesh and each oblong...
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Melon Seeds - Minnesota Midget
70 days. A super fruity melon from the 1940s! This orange fleshed melon averages 4-5" fruit, grown on highly productive 4' vines. This makes Minnesota Midget an ideal melon for...