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Pansy Seeds - Horned, 'King Henry'
(Viola cornuta 'King Henry') Perennial. Hardy to zone 6.  Horned Pansy flowers are a cool-weather loving plant ready to show its tufted violet colours! The purple flowers are edible and can bloom...
Pansy Seeds - Jolly Jump-Ups 'Helen Mount Heirloom'
(Viola tricolor) Perennial, zones 4-9. 65 days to maturityThese happy little faerie flowers will delight young and old! This variety is the true heirloom Jolly Jump-Up, also known as Heart's...
Pansy Seeds - Wild
(Viola arvensis) Annual Wild pansy is an easy to grow annual wildflower. Found growing throughout North and South America and all the way up to Greenland, this little gem has...