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Milkweed Seeds - Butterfly Weed
(Asclepias tuberosa) Perennial.  Also known as Orange Milkweed, this native plant holds true to its name! Its beautiful orange flowers, and the nectar within, call to butterflies and hummingbirds from...
Milkweed Seeds - Swamp
(Asclepias incarnata) Perennial (zone 3-8).  The beautiful Swamp Milkweed is native to central and eastern North America. Attractive to Monarch butterflies and needed by them for reproduction.  The flowers have...
Milkweed Seeds - Common
(Asclepias syriaca) Perennial. Zone 2-8.Both Common and Swap Milkweed are the preferred flowers for monarch butterfly caterpillars. A great addition to any garden!
Milkweed Seeds - Showy
(Asclepias speciosa) Perennial Zone 3-8Showy Milkweed is more commonly found in the western half of North America; growing well along streams, dry slopes, open woodland areas, and roadsides on occasion. Showy Milkweed attracts...