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Apple Seeds - Himalayan Crabapple
(Malus baccata var himilaica) Deciduous. Zones 4 - 7 Himalayan Crab Apple is an extremely cold hardy tree, native to Asia. Its small stature, rounded shape, and thick, twisted branches...
Apple Seeds - Prairie Crabapple
(Malus ioensis) Perennial. Deciduous. Zones 2 - 6. The gorgeous Prairie Crab Apple will treat you to year-round delights!ย  The display begins with prolific, pink buds that open to fragrant...
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Apple Seeds - Antonovka
(Malus pumila 'Antonovka')ย Can be hardy up to Zone 1! This wonderful apple cultivar can withstand some of the coldest north American winters, and is popular as a root stock for...