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Lettuce Seeds - Slobolt Leaf
(Lactuca sativa) 45-55 days to maturity. Slobolt Leaf Lettuce is an heirloom from the 1940’s. Its broad leaves are frilly, sweet and tender, even when mature. It handles the heat...
Melon Seeds - Montreal Market
(Cucumis melo) 90 days to maturity.Montreal Market Melons are steeped in rich history. In the early 1900’s, they were grown extensively on the Island of Montreal and highly sought after...
Pepper Seeds, Hot - Cayenne, Purple
(Capsicum annuum) 75-85 days to maturity. Purple Cayenne Peppers are a beautiful variation of a true classic. Their peppers start out green, maturing to purple, then finally bright red when...
Eggplant Seeds - Thai Round
(Solanum melongena) 60 days to maturity.Thai Round Eggplants are an old heirloom variety, grown in the coastal Karnataka region of India for over 400 years. They’ve grown to be a...
Pepper Seeds - Fushimi
(Capsicum annuum) 70 days to maturity.Fushimi Peppers are a classic Japanese variety, they may look hot, but are in fact quite mild. These slender peppers grow up to 6 inches...