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Early Siberian/ Sibiriskiy Skorospely - Slicer Tomato Seeds
Determinate. 70 days. “This tomato makes me want to eat a burger!” Such a fleshy & succulent slicer, the Early Siberian Heirloom Tomato is definitely a must have! These red, cue-ball sized...
Oregon Spring - Slicer Tomato Seeds
Determinate. 70-75 days.  Oregon Spring is a nice compact tomato that will provide heaps of medium sized, juicy red tomatoes. Sweet and full flavoured. This is a great one to add...
Roma VF - Paste Tomato Seeds
Determinate. 65 days. Roma Tomatoes are dependable, productive and easy to grow. The plants are disease resistant and the fruit are good for canning, cooking and drying. Each seed packet contains approximately...
Scotia - Slicer Tomato Seeds
60 days to maturity. Determinate. Heirloom Tomato, 1956 Kentville, Nova Scotia. This ol' faithful is a favourite in our neck of the woods! This early ripening slicer is lovely as a...
Silvery Fir Tree - Slicer Tomato Seeds
58 days. Determinate. Heirloom Tomato. This is a lovely salad tomato! Two inch fruits ripen evenly and in abundance! The leaves of Silvery Fir Tree are its most notable characteristic....
Principe Borghese - Paste Tomato Seeds
(Solanum lycopersicum) 72 days. Determinate.Heirloom Tomato; Tuscany, Italy. This is the ultimate sundried tomato! This unique plum tomato is extra meaty, but is only 1-2 inches. Their size and fleshiness make them...
Blush - Cherry Tomato Seeds
70 days. Blush Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes are very unique, with beautiful oblong fruit; 1 ½ “ long and yellow with a light pink blush! Juicy, full of flavour and low acidity. Plants...
Alaska - Slicer Tomato Seeds
Semi-Determinate. 59 days. Heirloom Tomato Seeds. One of the earliest maturing varieties, Alaska Heirloom Tomatoes are perfect for salads and sandwiches. Great tomato taste.  Plants are short, less than two feet tall and very...
Glacier -Slicer Tomato
Determinate. 55 days. As its names suggests, this early tomato is great for northern climates! Glacier doesn't waste time with greenery; plants average out at 2 1/2 to 3 feet...
Gold Nugget - Cherry Tomato Seeds
Determinate. 55 days. A very early variety! This sweet & tangy little yellow tomato is such a treat in early Summer! (Mid—late June in Nova Scotia) Gold Nugget Cherry Tomatoes grow on...