Your Seeding & Transplanting Cheat Sheet

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Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just breaking soil for the first time, keeping track of the how & when of planting a vegetable garden can be tricky. And the bigger your garden gets, the more there is to remember!

We thought we'd share with you our personal vegetable garden cheat sheet.

This Seeding & Transplanting Chart covers the basics of planting ALL the veggies in our seed catalogue; if and when to start transplants or direct sow, how to space plants and when to thin them, soil requirements and special things to consider.

Planning your Spring planting a head of time is the key to a successful start.

So have a look. You can even print & highlight the vegetables you'll be growing this year. Specific growing instructions for each variety are found on the seed packets.

Even though it is still bitterly cold, the time for planting seeds is just around the corner! Our article on starting onions & leeks from seed should get you in the mood and maybe even planting this week!

Mapping out a plan for this year ahead of time will help you to grow your best garden and we want to support you along the way. Whether it's building your soil with compost, succession planting or replenishing your Fall garden, we've got your back. 

Get started with your garden wish list & browse our Spring Catalogue.

Happy planting!

Hilary & Christopher

Download PDF Seeding & Transplanting Chart HERE.






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