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Road Map to Four Seasons of Seed Starting

We know how it goes...

Every year, you pull out your favourite gardening books, maybe pop in to your local Seedy Saturday to bask in the almost-Springness of it all with your fellow seed enthusiasts & soak up all the new Spring catalogue inspiration. 🥰

You have big, beautiful dreams for your garden this year.  And it's still Winter! SO much time left to start all the seeds.

Oh all of the seeds you'll plant! Sweet garden carrots. Fresh salsa verde. Ohhh, all the tomatoes! You can just imagine yourself brushing snow off your new cold frame to harvest a fresh salad this time next Winter . . . 

THIS will be your year!

Wait a minute. . .  When do you need to plant seeds for salad in February again? If you want pumpkins for pie, when should that get started...?  🤔

We get it - Time flies & seeding windows along with it. Which is why we created this great visual to help you track and plan better!


 Here are some more resources to get you off to a good start this Spring: