Walnut Seeds - Black Walnut

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 (Juglans nigra Northern) Perennial. Zones 4 - 7.

Black Walnut is a monumental shade tree with a long, sturdy trunk and open, oval crown that can reach up to 100 feet. It was once prized for its nuts, which have a long history in medicinal use and are some of the most versatile nuts in the world. Its wood is so coveted that it has sadly been over harvested in the wild.

Black Walnut is a traditional food of Indigenous People. Nuts are delicious and the sap can be boiled down for syrup. The walnuts can be used to dye cloth a dark purple colour. 

 A beautiful tree, Black Walnut has dark grey, deep ridged, diamond patterned bark and a high, generous canopy. Its light green leaves are made up of multiple spear-shaped leaflets. It needs a lot of space to grow and should not be planted close to other plants. 

The nuts mature in Fall, falling to the ground where the yellow-green husks turn black as they rot. The kernels inside are a bit hard to get to, but offer a sweet, oily delicacy high in omega-3s! Try them in soups, roasted and sprinkled on salads, and baked into casseroles to lend rich flavour to your cooking.

 Black Walnut wood is dense, strong, and has a gorgeous deep brown colour and interesting grain. It is one of the best woods available from any native tree in North America for furniture making and shipbuilding. 

** Please note that all members of the Juglans family (Butternuts, walnuts, heartnuts, etc.) create a protective substance in their roots called Juglone. This can kill certain other plant species within the root zone.  


Cold Hardiness: Zones 4 - 7

Edible: Yes

SizeMedium - Large Tree

Growth RateMedium 

Nitrogen Fixer: No

Native Plant: Yes

Germination: 80 - 90%

Sun requirements: Full sun.

Soil Requirements: Rich, ,moist, well draining.



SEED PRETREATMENT: Soak seeds in water for 24 hours. Mix seeds with a moistened grow medium equal to 3-4 times seed volume. Place in a plastic bag or container.

STRATIFICATION: 120 days cold/moist (5°C). Place plastic bag with seeds and soil in your refrigerator, preferably in a veggie crisper. Inspect periodically for even moisture and early germination.

POST-STRATIFICATION: Sow stratified seeds 1” deep. Alternating soil temperatures during the day (30°C) and night (20°C) can aid germination. Water evenly and regularly.

GERMINATION: When all previously mentioned requirements are fulfilled, germination generally occurs in 30-45 days.

How To Start Your Tree Seeds 

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Available direct from Incredible Seeds, a Canadian Heirloom and Heritage Seed Company, offering only the best natural, non-GMO, open pollinated and untreated seeds, located in Mi'kma'ki / Nova Scotia.

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