Pole Bean Seeds - Red Noodle Yard Long - Heirloom Untreated NON-GMO From Canada

Pole Bean Seeds - Red Noodle Yard Long

(Vigna unguiculata) 85 days - Heirloom Bean Seeds, China.

This impressive pole bean produces masses of two foot long, deep red beans! These beans are super tasty & unlike many of the purple beans out there, Red Noodle beans stay red even after cooking. Although they can grow to two feet, beans are at their best at around one foot. 


Growth Habit: Pole bean, grows to 6 feet

Sun Requirements: Best in Full Sun

Soil Preference: Rich, well draining garden soil (balanced pH)

When to Plant:  Beans are frost sensitive & should be planted after the last expected frost. Cooler soil temperatures can hinder germination.

How to Plant: Soak bean seeds over night to quicken germination.

  • Rows: If growing in rows, hoe out a shallow furrow, 1 inch deep. Space bean seeds every 2 inches. Install trellis at the same time you plant, as they grow fast! Water thoroughly after planting. 
    • Tents: Install posts before planting. Plant seeds 1 inch deep at base of each post, spaced at 2 inches.
    • Companion Planting: If inter-planting with corn or giant sunflowers as support plants, wait until they are at leas 6 inches tall before planting the beans. Plant seeds 1 inch deep, 2 inches apart & 6 inches away from support plant.  

    Cover seeds with soil & tamp down soil to improve contact with seeds. (Tamping also creates a trough that catches water, delivering it straight to the seeds!) 

    When to Harvest: Ready when beans are around 12 inches long & still smooth to the touch.

    How to Harvest: Pick often to encouraged continual production.


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