Poppy Seeds - Ziar Blue Breadseed - Heirloom Untreated NON-GMO From Canada

Poppy Seeds - Ziar Blue Breadseed

(Papaver rhoeas) Self-Seeding Annual.  65 days. 

An incredibly beautiful heirloom flower from Slovakia! Ziar Blue Breadseed Poppy grows to 3 feet tall, with huge showy flowers, and at the end of Summer, massive seed pods yield thousands of tasty blue seeds. 

You know the holes in a poppy seed head from which you can pour out the seeds? Ziar Breadseed Poppy has been selected specifically to have smaller or no holes at all! This ensures that you don't lose those precious little tasty gems.


Growth Habit: Upright growth to 2 feet height, branching stems with feathery leaves and 3-4” flowers. Self seeding. 

Sun Requirements: Full sun 

Soil Preference: Average, moist, well-drained soil

When to Plant: Direct seed in Spring when soil can be worked 

How to Plant:  Direct sow seeds 1/4" deep. Keep the seedbed moist. Seeds should germinate in 21-28 days. Thin to 6” apart when true leaves appear. 

When to Harvest: Harvest fresh flowers in early Summer and seed heads in late Summer.

How to Harvest:  For fresh arrangements, harvest when buds are swollen and showing colour. Sear end of stems with a flame. Cut flowers last 2-4 days. Gather the dried seed heads in late summer for decorative dried flower arrangements. Harvest the seeds for culinary uses. 

Uses: Poppy is a beautiful, though short-lived, cut flower. Seed heads are also beautiful in dried arrangements. Poppy seeds are edible, high in calcium and have many culinary uses.

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