Nasturtium Seeds - Dwarf Jewel Mix

(Tropaeolum majus) Annual. Nasturtiums add wonderful flare and peppery flavour to your garden and kitchen! Commonly used for garnish, this lovely little flower can offer so much more! Grind nasturtium flowers into a spicy pesto, use young leaves in salads and cooking or even pickle the green seed pods to replace capers with a homegrown alternative. In our Dwarfed Jewel Mix you’ll find colours of all sorts; ivories, pinks, bright yellow, deep red and more oranges than are typically considered! This nasturtium is sprawling, but not vining in nature, and flowers continually all Summer.  Blooms are 1- 1½ inches.  

Each seed packet contains approximately 30 untreated Dwarf Jewel Nasturtium flower seeds.

This is a great all around open pollinated flower variety, adaptable to any home flower garden.

You will be 100% satisfied with the quality of our Dwarf Jewel Nasturtium Flower Seeds.

Available direct from Incredible Seeds, a Canadian Heirloom and Heritage Seed Company, offering only the best natural, non-GMO, open pollinated and untreated seeds, located in Nova Scotia, Canada.

  • $3.99

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