Long Red Mangel Beet Seeds

(Beta vulgaris 'Mangelwurzel') 90-100 days. Heirloom Beet, 1800s.

Welcome back Mammoth Red Mangel Beets.You have been missed!

These are beet monsters! In the right conditions Mammoth Red Mangel Beets can grow to 20lbs each!

Mammoth Red Mangel Beets were commonly grown for livestock fodder in the days before mass produced soy and corn. These days they are quite rare and seeds can be hard to come by.

Don't keep pigs? Not to worry, mangel beets are super sweet and less intimidating if you pick them young; they'll still fit on a plate! The greens are also very tender in the early Spring.

Mangel Beets also work great as a cover crop as they bring up valuable soil minerals from the deeps and aerate the soil. 

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