Locust Seeds, Black (Robina pseudoacacia)

Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) Deciduous. Zones 4-8. Black Locust is a stately, native tree; reaching 100  feet and offering incredibly beautiful, fragrant white in early Summer. The bark of older trees,  is richly textured, with a braided look. The wood of Black Locust’s wood is extremely hard and rot resistant. It also grows very fast and does well as a coppice, making a great specimen for making hand tools, fence posts, etc. Young wood is spiny and trees will live 60-100 years. *A nitrogen fixing tree.*

Growing: *Germination of 70-90%* Black Locus seeds have a hard coating on their shell and scarifying the seeds will help water to penetrate and improve germination. Gently rub the seeds on each side with sand paper; enough to discolour them but not so hard that you damage the seed. Soak at room temperature for 24 hours and then plant them in the Spring.

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