Hydrangea Seeds - Climbing Hydrangea

(Hydrangea anomala petiolaris) Perennial. Zones 4 - 7.

This garden classic is lovely in all seasons. In warmer months, showy white ombrells fill out your arbour, trellis or stone wall. In Winter, Climbing Hydrangea's bare branches are a mahogany that stands out when the world around is grey and white. 

Although typically planted as a climber, Climbing Hydrangea can also work as a creeping ground cover and will do especially well on barren banks. This plant originates in the mountainous regions in China where is grows along river banks, cliff faces and other steep embankments. 

Unlike twining vines, Climbing Hydrangea is safe to climb on trees. Aerial roots secrete a stick substance that adheres the vines to whatever it is climbing on. There is no danger of trees getting strangled by tendrils.

As a vine, Climbing Hydrangea can reach 40ft and as a sprawling ground cover it can cover up to 200 sq ft. 


Cold Hardiness: Zones 4 - 7

Edible: No

Size: Can grow 30 - 40ft when supported. Sprawls to 200sqft along ground.

Growth RateMedium - Slow 

Nitrogen Fixer: No

Native Plant: No

Germination: 50 - 70%

Sun requirements: Partial - Full Shade

Soil Requirements: Rich, moist, well draining.



For best results, sow outdoors after risk of frost has passed in the Spring. If starting indoors...

SEED PRETREATMENT: No seed treatment is required

STRATIFICATION: No stratification period is required

SEEDING: Sow seeds on the soil surface, tamp down gently. Seeds require light to germinate. A soil temperature of 20°C is optimal for germination.

GERMINATION: When all previously mentioned requirements are fulfilled, germination generally occurs in 20-30 days.

The colour of the flowers is dependent on soil acidity.
Alkaline soil: white to pink blooms. Acidic soil: blueish blooms.


 Available direct from Incredible Seeds, a Canadian Heirloom and Heritage Seed Company, offering only the best natural, non-GMO, open pollinated and untreated seeds, located in Mi'kma'ki / Nova Scotia. 

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