Bush Bean Seeds (Dry) - Tigers Eye

(Phaseolus vulgaris) 85 days to maturity. Chilean Heirloom.

Beautifully marbled, these dry beans have a buttery, smooth texture when cooked & a rich hearty flavour. Also known as Pepa de Zapallo.

Plants reach 24 inches tall & yield heavily. 


Growth Habit: Bush Bean, 24 inches tall 

Sun Requirements: Best in Full Sun

Soil Preference: Rich, well draining garden soil (balanced pH)

When to Plant:  Beans are frost sensitive & should be planted after the last expected frost. Cooler soil temperatures can hinder germination.

How to Plant: Soak bean seeds over night to quicken germination. Hoe out a shallow furrow, 1 inch deep. Space bean seeds every 2 inches. Cover seeds with soil & tamp down soil to improve contact with seeds. (Tamping also creates a trough that catches water, delivering it straight to the seeds!) Water thoroughly after planting. 

When to Harvest: Tigers Eye is a drying bean. After about 85 days, when pods are plump & have mostly to dried out (you'll hear them rattle in the wind).

How to Harvest:  Pull up whole plants. Hang whole plants to finish drying in a dark, dry, well-ventilated place for a 1-2 weeks. When pods are crispy, remove from plants & break them open. Winnow off pods & other debris. Before storing, allow bean seeds to dry on a screen (specially made or from an old window), for 1 week in a dark, dry, well-ventilated place. 


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