Cleome Flower Seeds - Rose Queen

(Cleome hassleriana) Annual. 80 days to maturity.
Rose Queen Cleome is a wonderful addition to a mixed ornamental flower garden. Rose Queen Cleome is an airy and dramatic looking heirloom plant that starts blooming from mid-summer to late fall. The plant can reach 4’ in height with 5” mauve flower clusters. Rose Queen’s fragrant flowers welcomes a variety of pollinators to the garden, especially hummingbirds. 




Timing: Start indoors 10-12 weeks before last frost. Begin with 14 days cold/moist stratification. Outdoors, direct sow 3 to 4 weeks after last Spring frost. Once germinated plant is hearty and grows quickly.

Stratification: Seeds benefit from 14 days cold/moist stratification. Surface sow seeds on moistened soil in a pot or cell tray. Place pot in a closed-lid plastic container or bag. Place in the fridge for 14 days.

Germination: Provide appropriate daytime soil temperature between 21-25c, night time temperature of 10-15c, and bright lights after refrigeration until germination occurs.

Growing: Prefers full sun and moist soil. Tolerates heat very well and is drought tolerant.

 **Plant will self sow abundantly in late summer/early fall.


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