Cherry Belle Radish Seeds

(Raphadus sativus)  25 days.

Cherry Belle is a bright cherry-red radish with crisp, firm, white flesh. Its impressive size and perfect smooth, round shape make it a magnificent bunching radish.

A fast maturing, early-season radish, Cherry Belle adds vibrant colour and zesty flavour to early Spring salads. It can be succession planted all summer long, and is an excellent keeper. For Winter harvesting, sow seeds in late summer so they reach maturity around your Fall frost date.

The radish root is rich in fiber and antioxidants and high in vitamin C for a immune boost. They make a good digestive tonic and will clear your sinuses! The green tops are even more nutrient dense. Add young, tender greens to a salad mix and steam or braise mature greens or add to stews and soups.

You can even try pickling the radish roots to enjoy as a spicy condiment through the Winter months.

Cherry Belle is a gorgeous heirloom radish, belle meaning beautiful in French, and is larger than most. It is a wonderful variety for a children’s garden - easy to grow, quick to mature, and mildly spicy. Less than one month from seed to table - Cherry Belle radish is a must have in every garden.
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