Calendula Seeds - Triangle Flashback - Heirloom Untreated NON-GMO From Canada

Calendula Seeds - Triangle Flashback

(Calendula officinalis) Annual. 50-55 days to maturity.

Triangle Flashback is an unusual Calendula that, in many ways, resembles a strawflower. Peachy petals are still soft though and attract plenty of bees.


Growth Habit: Upright, 2 feet height, self seeding

Sun Requirements: Sun, part shade

Soil Preference: Fertile, well drained 

When to Plant: Direct seed Calendula after last frost date; start indoors 4-5 weeks before last frost date. 

How to Plant:  

Direct sow:  Sow seeds ¼“ deep. Keep the soil bed moist until germination. Thin young plants 6-18” apart. Sow in succession every 2-3 weeks until early Summer for continuous blooms.

Transplant: Sow seeds indoors in flats or containers. Calendula seeds need darkness to germinate, and will sprout in 14-20 days in room temperature soil. Once germinated, move plants to bright light until ready to transplant.

When to Harvest: Harvest Calendula flowers as they open through Summer and Fall. Calendula will survive light frost and bloom well into Fall. 

How to Harvest:  For cut flowers, harvest with stems when flowers are half open. For edible or medicinal use, harvest flowers when they are fully open, and remove petals from the flower centre. Use Calendula fresh or dried. 

Uses: Use flowers fresh or dried in tea, bath products, and as “sprinkles” on desserts and salads. 


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