Bluebell Seeds - California Bluebells

(Phacelia campanularia) Self-seeding Annual, zones 3-10.

Also known as Desert Bells and Desert Bluebells, California Bluebell is a truly underrated North American wildflower, and we highly recommend it to any “wild” gardener.

California Bluebell is a prolific annual flower with a vivid cobalt blue hue - perfect for adding an almost instant splash of colour in any border garden gaps. A relative of borage, California Bluebell likewise blooms all Summer and freely reseeds itself.

With intensely blue flowers and soft, heart shaped leaves, California Bluebell is beautiful in a mixed border, wildflower meadow, Xeriscaped garden, or in a large container planting. It also makes a lovely cut flower - providing striking contrast in a fresh bouquet.

The inky blue, bell shaped flowers of the California Bluebell actually reflect ultraviolet light, which makes them highly attractive to a wide variety of foraging bee pollinators as well as birds and butterflies.

This easy to grow, drought tolerant wildflower is native to the Mojave and Sonoran deserts, but will thrive almost anywhere sunny and brings an authentic California desert vibe to your landscape.


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