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Fennel Seeds - Bronze
(Foeniculum vulgare) 60 days to maturity. A gorgeous red-bronze fennel, which is sure to become one of your garden favourites. Bronze Fennel is a very vigorous and strong plant with...
Fennel Seeds - Grosfruchtiger
60 days. This is a non-bulbing type of fennel. Grosfruchtiger fennel is a vigorous German variety that produces leaves with a sweet flavour which are a fine addition to salads...
Fennel Seeds - Perfection
80 days. Perfection grows true to its name! This fully flavoured, uniform bulb fennel is reliable both in your back yard or as part of your market garden offerings. Delicious,...
Fennel Seeds - Zefa Fino Florence
90 days to maturity.Zefa Fino Florence Fennel forms a small plant with a nice tender bulbs, reaching 3-5 inches in size. A classic Italian flavour. Use fresh or dry foliage and...
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Shiso Seeds - Britton
(Perilla frutescens) Britton shiso is a commonly grown Asian green. Flavour is comparable to a basil-mint mix. Leaves are green on top and red underneath! Each packet contains approximately 100 open...
Shiso Seeds - Red
(Perilla frutescens) Frilly red leaves taste like minty-basil. Used soups, sushi and salads. A commonly grown Asian green. Each packet contains approximately 100 open pollinated seeds. * Shiso requires a...