Maple Tree Seeds - Paperbark Maple

(Acer griseum) Deciduous. Zones 5-8.

Our favourite maple tree is one of the most beloved and desirable small shade tree anyone could ever wish for! 🤍

Paperbark Maple is extremely ornamental with its Arbutus-like peeling bark.

Leaves are very gentle and almost like that of the White Oak. As with most trees, the bark of the Paperbark Maple becomes more defined and spectacular as it ages. 

This slow growing tree maxes out at about 15-20 in height and makes for a lovely focal point in your yard garden.

Did you know you can grow Paperbark Maple as a miniature tree aka bonsai !? ; )


Cold Hardiness: Zones 5 - 8

Edible: Not really.

SizeSmall Tree

Growth RateMedium

Nitrogen Fixer: No

Native Plant: Yes

Germination: Naturally low 30 - 50%

Sun Requirements: Full Sun - Partial Shade

Soil Preference: Loamy, consistently moist, but tolerates wide range of soil types.



For best results, sow seeds outdoors in Fall, germination will occur during the second Spring.  If sowing indoors…

SEED PRETREATMENT: Seeds require scarification—gently scratch the seed surface with sandpaper or lightly poke with the tip of a pin. Then, soak seeds for 24 hours, start with hot tap water. After soaking, mix seeds with a moistened grow medium equal to 3-4 times seed volume. Place in a plastic bag, covered tray/cells or container.

STRATIFICATION: 120 days cold/moist (5°C) in the fridge, followed by 180 days warm/moist (20-30°C followed again by 120 days cold/moist (5°C).

POST-STRATIFICATION: Sow  stratified seeds 1/4” deep.

 *Excited about growing Trees from seed? Learn more HERE.*


Available direct from Incredible Seeds, a Canadian Heirloom and Heritage Seed Company, offering only the best natural, non-GMO, open pollinated and untreated seeds, located in Mi'kma'ki / Nova Scotia.  

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