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Angelica Seeds
(Angelica archangelica) Perennial Biennial. 60-90 days. Note: In certain conditions this plant can become invasive. Angelica is an incredibly beautiful and architectural plant in the garden. It is a multifaceted...
Bergamot Seeds - Lemon Mint
(Monarda citriodora) Perennial. 120 days to maturity.  Welcome pollinators, one and all! Bees, butterflies, moths and hummingbirds will gather en masse around Lemon Mint’s clusters of fragrant lavender flowers. Also...
Butterfly Bush Seeds
(Buddleja davidii) Perennial. Zones 5-10Butterfly Bush lives up to its name, growing into a large shrub that attracts Swallowtails, Monarchs and a variety of other butterflies and hummingbirds too! Their...
Chamomile Seeds - Roman
(Chamaemelum nobile) Perennial, zones 4-9. 60-65 days to maturity.  This perennial Chamomile grows to 6 inches in height and forms a thick, springy groundcover. Roman Chamomile has become a popular,...
Clover Seeds - Crimson Clover
(Trifolium incarnatum) Perennial - Zone 6.  Crimson Clover is a beautiful and beneficial edible ground cover. There are so many reasons to plant clover in your gardens or indoors. A...
Echinacea (Purple Cone Flower) Seeds
(Echinacea purpurea) Perennial. Also, known as purple cone flower, is a stately addition to the garden. Her beautiful, strong (and spiny) presence is telltale of her powerful medicinal talents. Echinacea...
Echinacea Seeds, Narrowleaf
(Echinacea angustifolia)  Perennial. Hardy in zones 3-9Narrowleaf Echinacea is a beautiful cone flower with soft pink petals and an orange center, prized for both its beauty and medicinal super powers. Well-known...
Feverfew Seeds
(Tanacetum parthenium) 90-100 days. Perennial. Hardy in zones 5-9 Feverfew is a member of the daisy family, which is native to central and southern Europe. Feverfew has been naturalized in...
Hyssop Seeds
(Hyssopus officinalis) Perennial. Zone 3. 85-90 days. Hyssop produces lovely sprigs of bright blue flowers, that are just irresistible to pollinators! If you grow any fruit or a vegetable garden,...
Lamb's Ear Seeds
(Stachys byzantina) Perennial. This plant is amazing! Its woolly leaves and purple flowers bring texture and beauty to the garden and its extensive medicinal qualities make it a must have in...
Lavender Seeds - Spike
(Lavandula latifolia) Perennial BUT only hardy in zones 8-9. Spike Lavender has quite a reputation! Lavandula is the essential oil that gives Lavender most of its pleasantly fragrant qualities, and Spike Lavender has the highest...
Mallow Seeds - Common
(Malva sylvestris) Perennial. Zones 4 - 9. Common Mallow is a strong and beautiful plant, with many medicinal offerings. It can tolerate growing in a wide range of conditions, from...
Milkweed Seeds - Common
(Asclepias syriaca) Perennial. Zone 2-8.Both Common and Swap Milkweed are the preferred flowers for monarch butterfly caterpillars. A great addition to any garden!
Milkweed Seeds - Showy
(Asclepias speciosa) Perennial Zone 3-8Showy Milkweed is more commonly found in the western half of North America; growing well along streams, dry slopes, open woodland areas, and roadsides on occasion. Showy Milkweed attracts...
Milkweed Seeds - Swamp
(Asclepias incarnata) Perennial (zone 3-8).  The beautiful Swamp Milkweed is native to central and eastern North America. Attractive to Monarch butterflies and needed by them for reproduction.  The flowers have...
Rosa Rugosa Rose Seeds - Pink
(Rosa rugosa) Perennial. Zones 2 - 7. Rosaceae (Rose) Family. Native range—Eastern Asia, widely naturalized in N. America. Rugosa Rose is a beautiful and fragrant flowering shrub, with pink flowers...
Rosa Rugosa Rose Seeds - White
(Rosa rugosa alba) Perennial. Zones 2 - 7. Rosaceae (Rose) Family. Native range—Eastern Asia, widely naturalized in N. America. Rugosa Rose is a beautiful and fragrant flowering shrub, with white flowers...