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Apple Seeds - Himalayan Crabapple
(Malus baccata var himilaica) Deciduous. Zones 4 - 7 Himalayan Crab Apple is an extremely cold hardy tree, native to Asia. Its small stature, rounded shape, and thick, twisted branches...
Blue Sausage Fruit Seeds
(Decaisnea fargesii) Perennial. Zone 6 - 10. Lardizabalaceae Family. Native range - Eastern Asia to Western China. Blue Sausage Fruit is a very unique flowering shrub, growing 13-15 feet tall....
Hardy Orange Seeds
(Poncirus trifoliata ) Perennial.  Zones 5 - 10 The striking Hardy Orange tree - also known as Chinese Bitter Orange or Trifoliate Orange - while not a true orange, is closely related...
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Coffee Seeds - Arabica
(Coffea arabica) Zones 9 - 11. Rubiaceae (Madder) Family. Native range—Ethiopia. Have fun growing your own coffee plant! Plants thrive in hot and humid environments. If growing as a house...