Schisandra Seeds, Wu-wei-zi (Schisandra chinensis)

Schisandra, Wu-wei-zi (Schisandra chinensis) Deciduous, woody vine. Zones 5-9.

Schisandra is native to Northern China and has a long time history in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Schisandra berries are adaptogenic, increase apatite and immune function and are drop-dead gorgeous hanging on the vine! Known as the “five-flavoured berry”. As the saliva in your mouth breaks down the berry, you get to taste all the five flavours; sour, sweet, pungent, salty and bitter.  Flowers preceding berries are a soft pink and fragrant. Schisandra can be grown on a trellis or arbour.


Cold Hardiness: Zones 5 - 9

Edible: Yes

SizeWoody Vine

Growth RateMedium - Fast

Nitrogen Fixer: No

Native Plant: No

Germination: 50 - 70%

Sun Requirements: Full Sun for maximum fruit. Tolerates partial shade.

Soil Preference: Does well with average, well draining soil. 



- Soak seeds for 24 hours. Follow 90 days cold, moist stratification. For more information on stratification, check out our article "How To Start Your Tree Seeds".

*If you are doing the cold period in your fridge, please check on your seeds. 90 days is an estimate & they may sprout sooner.*

- Plant stratified seeds in deep pots or a nursery bed using standard potting soil. Heat mats are NOT required & can hinder germination!

- Protect young tree seedlings from slugs, cutworms & rodents. Slugs especially can eat primary leaves as soon as they come up, so be vigilant! 

 *Excited about growing Perennial Vines from seed? Learn more HERE.*


Available direct from Incredible Seeds, a Canadian Heirloom and Heritage Seed Company, offering only the best natural, non-GMO, open pollinated and untreated seeds, located in Mi'kma'ki / Nova Scotia.


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