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Bitter Melon Seeds - Futo Spindle
(Momordica charantia) 60-70 days to maturity. Heirloom - Japan. Futo Spindle Bitter Melon Gourds are loaded with vitamins and minerals and are sought after for their health benefits. Growing up...
Bitter Melon Seeds - Green Skin
(Momordica charantia) Annual. 70 days to maturity. Bitter Melon is a tropical vine with origins in Africa and Asia. This is an excellent, open pollinated, Asian Bitter Melon that produces fruit up to...
Bitter Melon Seeds - Japanese Long
(Momordica charantia) 60-70 days to maturityJapanese Long Bitter Melon Gourd is best harvested when still green, young and tender. These plants can get very long, up to 12 feet, so...