Foxglove Seeds - Purple Faerie Glove - Heirloom Untreated NON-GMO From Canada

Foxglove Seeds - Purple Faerie Glove

(Digitalis purpurea) Perennial, zones 4-8

Also called Purple Foxglove or Fairy Glove, Foxglove is a classic favourite in an English style country cottage garden. Its tall spires provide height and striking colour in a formal or naturalized border garden.

Foxglove gets its common name from the shape of its flowers, which resemble the finger of a glove. It was originally called Folksglove, the glove of the faeries, or “good folk,” who supposedly made their homes in deep hollows and woody dells, where Foxglove grew.

There is something rather enchanting about seeing a furry bumblebee or busy honey bee burrow itself into the pendulous flowers or a hummingbird drawing nectar from the deep cups. It is a favourite of pollinators and deer and rabbit tolerant.

** All parts of this plant, including seeds, are toxic. **

A biennial, Foxglove produces a light green rosette of leaves in its first year from seed. In its second year it sends up tall spikes with closely grouped, 2-3” long funnel-shaped dark rose-pink to purple flowers with purple and white spots inside. Its magnificent blooms appear in late Spring to mid Summer.

Foxglove is easy to grow from seed in pots or seed flats indoors or in a greenhouse in late Fall, Winter, or Spring.

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