Tendersweet Carrot Seeds

(Daucus carota sativa)  Heirloom carrot. 63 Days

Tendersweet carrot is popular with market growers because these carrots look so perfect in a bunch! Not to mention they are incredibly sweet and crisp, easy to grow, and very reliable.

The straight, deep orange carrot roots are smooth and almost coreless. They grow 9-10 inches long and their gorgeous colour is retained in cooking and freezing.

Plant Tendersweet carrot in late summer and early Fall - they taste even sweeter after a frost! To store carrots for the Winter, twist off the tops but do not wash the roots; layer them in damp sand or sawdust. In warmer climates, like the West Coast of Canada, leave carrots in the garden over Winter under a thick layer of mulch and pull a few when you want to use them.

Carrots grow best in loose, fertile, well-drained soil that is free of rocks - sandy is preferable to clay for straight, smooth root development.

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