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Black Cherry - Cherry Tomato Seeds
Indeterminate. 75 days. Another favourite! Black Cherry Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes grow on 6 foot plants sporting 1-2” fruit that are just so rich with black-fleshed tomato flavour. YUM-EEE!! Each seed packet contains...
Black Prince - Slicer Tomato Seeds
Indeterminate. 74 days. Heirloom Tomato Seeds. A farm favourite, Black Prince Heirloom Tomato plants produce delicious, rich, mahogany brown coloured tomatoes. Their unique colour and distinctive amazing flavour will make this a...
Chocolate Cherry - Cherry Tomato Seeds
Indeterminate. 75 days. Heirloom Cherry Tomato Seeds. Chocolate Cherry Heirloom Tomatoes are a dark red chocolatey colour with excellent rich flavour and are a favourite for many. Medium sized vines.  Very unique. This...
Japanese Black Trifele - Slicer Tomato Seeds
Indeterminate. 81 days. Japanese Black Trifele Heirloom Tomatoes produce beautiful mahogany pear shaped fruit. These medium to large sized tomatoes have excellent flavour and are some of the darkest of the black...
Ukrainian Purple - Paste Tomato Seeds
Indeterminate. 75 days. Large, meaty full flavour, dark plum tomatoes for sauce making. Plants are ultra productive and beautiful!  Each packet contains approximately 30 open pollinated seeds.
Black Plum - Paste Tomato Seeds
Indeterminate. 80 days. Lovely little mahogany fruit. Surprisingly sweet for a paste tomato! Adds rich colour & taste to homemade sauces. Very productive plants bear 2-3 inch, crack resistant tomatoes. Each...
Cherokee, Purple - Slicer Tomato Seeds
Indeterminate. 80 days. Heirloom Tomato Seeds. The Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomato is a purple coloured variety, cultivated by a Native American Cherokee tribe. The plants are highly productive, producing loads of 12...
Black Krim - Slicer Tomato Seeds
Indeterminate. 75 days. Heirloom Tomato Seeds. Black Krim Heirloom Tomatoes are a rare purple-black tomato and is one of the best tasting you will ever try. The dark, three inch fruit have a...
Vintage Wine - Slicer Tomato Seeds
Indeterminate. 84 days. Vintage Wine Tomatoes were consistently singled out as being one of the best on the farm. It is a beautifully flavourful beefsteak tomato. Its deep red colour is complimented...
Chocolate Stripes - Slicer Tomato Seeds
Indeterminate. 80 days. Heirloom Tomato Seeds. Chocolate Stripes is one of the best all around varieties we've tried. Incredible flavour for sandwiches, soups and sauces. The fruit are stunning with their deep...
Bumblebee, Purple - Cherry Tomato Seeds
Indeterminate. 70 days. So sweet! Purple Bumblebee is a crimson fleshed cherry tomato featuring dark green stripes. Looks and high yields make this a very showy tomato! This is a...
Brandywine, Black - Slicer Tomato Seeds
Indeterminate. 80 days. Black Brandywine is a delicious medium sized beefsteak tomato! A beautiful tomato ranging in colour from black, burgundy to deep red. Its flavour is sweet, earthy and...