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Sweet William Flower Seeds
(Dianthus barbatus) Biennial. Sweet William flowers make for a showy addition to the flower garden. The clusters of red pink and white flowers will delight you. The plants readily self seed...
Caraway Seeds - Arterner
(Carum carvi) 70 days. Biennial. Caraway is one of those unforgettable flavours and it becomes even more special when you grow it yourself!  Artener Caraway comes from central Germany, where it...
Chicory Seeds - Coffee Chicory
Cichorium intybus 'Polanowicka') Biennial. Zone 4 -10. 75-120 days to maturity.  Coffee chicory is more widely known as a delicious coffee substitute. The fleshy roots are larger than wild chicory...
Foxglove Seeds - Purple Faerie Glove
(Digitalis purpurea) Perennial, zones 4-8 Also called Purple Foxglove or Fairy Glove, Foxglove is a classic favourite in an English style country cottage garden. Its tall spires provide height and striking...
Foxglove Seeds - Cafe Creme
(Digitalis lanata) Biennial.Café Crème Foxglove will typically put on foliage in its first year, and will bloom its second spring. From there on out, you'll be enjoying their beauty for...
Chicory Seeds - Wild
(Cichorium intybus) Biennial. Hardy in zones 3-10.Wild Chicory has been used for its array of medicinal properties for over 5000 years! It has lovely daisy-like flowers that are bright blue and...
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Hollyhock - Greek Yellow
(Alcea rugosa) Biennial.  You need this regal garden classic! This Greek variety features gorgeous spires of soft yellow flowers. Reaches 6 feet in height.  *All parts of this plant are...