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Strawberry Seeds - Alexandria (Alpine)
(Fragaria vesca) Zones 5 - 8. Perennial. 115 days. This ultra productive, ever-bearing alpine strawberry is a true winner in the garden! Delightful, scarlet strawberries are oblong and bite-sized. Don't...
Cranberry Seeds, American Low Bush Cranberry
(Vaccinium macrocarpon) Perennial. Zones 2-6. Cranberry, or American Cranberry, is a low-growing, creeping shrub with small glossy leaves, fuchsia-pink flowers and cheerful, bright red cranberries in Fall. The leaves stay green...
Blueberry Seeds - Low-Bush Wild Blueberry
(Vaccinium angustifolium) Perennial. Zones 2-6. Picture it: You're walking through the forest. You come to a bit of a clearing and take a moment to breathe in the beauty of your...
Blueberry Seeds - High-Bush Wild Blueberry
(Vaccinium corymbosum) Perennial. Zones 4 - 7 Highbush Blueberry is a wonderful hardy perennial for edible landscaping. With high yields of plump, delicious berries and flaming Autumn colour, this native...
Strawberry Seeds - Yellow Wonder Alpine
(Fragaria vesca 'Yellow Wonder') Perennial. Zones 5 - 9. Yellow Wonder Alpine Strawberries are truly a wonder! Their small, oblong shaped berries stay white/pale yellow when ripe - but are...
Black Raspberry Seeds
(Rubus occidentalis) Deciduous. Zones 4 - 9. *Black raspberries should be kept 100 feet away from red raspberries.* Black Raspberry, also know as Black Caps, belongs to the Rose family. Black Raspberry...
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Cranberry Seeds, American High Bush Cranberry
(Viburnum trilobum) Perennial. Zones 2 - 7. High bush cranberry is a plant I remember from childhood. We had a big bush growing next to my mother's little cedar shingled...
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Garden Huckleberry Seeds
(Solanum melanocerasum) 75 days. Annual. The garden huckleberry originates from Africa and yields huge quantities of large dark purple berries for cooking. Pick only the darkest berries without any green...