Strawberry Plants - Annapolis

*Spring Shipping Only*

(Fragaria ananassa 'Annapolis') Perennial. Zone 3. Early.

* Available as a bundle of 25 plants or as a bundle of 100 plants. *

Annapolis is a super vigorous, early strawberry.

These quick-growing plants yield massive amounts of very large, light red berries. These strawberries are sweet and juicy, but with a firmer texture that make them ideal candidates for your market or u-pick crop.

Annapolis is a variety that is Red Stele resistant. Red Stele Disease, also know as Lanarkshire Disease, is a fungal disease that affects strawberry plants. It can be brought about when strawberries are grown in heavy, saturated clay soils and when conditions are particularly wet and cool. In order to deter this disease, please plant your strawberry plants in well draining soil.*

 ** We also offer seeds for mini, ultra-sweet Alpine Strawberries! **

** Be sure to read about our shipping & planting information **

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