Seabuckthorn Plants - Inya (female)

(Hippophae rhamnoides) Deciduous Zone 3-8

* Available as a single plant or in a bundle of five plants. *

Inya Seabuckthorn is a highly productive variety of this popular, cold-hardy fruiting plant. In just three years, you will have an abundance of delicious and highly nutritious berries! Seabuckthorn fruit is said to have 30 times more vitamin C than oranges!

Inya’s large orange-red berries are plentiful and easily hand picked, since it is significantly less thorny than other varieties. The berries have a great taste and a high oil content - yummy medicinal fruit that will make you glow from the inside and out!

Seabuckthorn is a wonderful choice for a permaculture landscape as an edible perennial with nitrogen fixing properties. Grows in sandy and well drained areas.

** We also offer Seabuckthorn seeds! **

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